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Stabby Mage

phoenixcub in trick_talk

Bad trick aka "I left my apartment for that."

There's this guy who's been chatting with me for awhile off of myspace. He kept hinting at getting together and tonight, he was alone, so invite me over for some fun. Well, I headed to his place in Mesa. I finally find his place and go inside. We start kissing and touching and stuff. We make out for a little while before moving things to the bedroom. There we undress each other and he says "I'm small.", which is funny since when we were comparing notes online earlier, he told me he was 6". Not that I'm size queen, but don't tell someone you're 6" when you're really only 3". It just makes you look bad. So anyway, not thrilled at his point, but anyway. We keep messing around. The boy loved to use his teeth. I don't mind a little nibble, but he was like biting down on my nipples. I kept saying ow and he finally stopped. Then proceeded to give me head. Apparently he can't open his mouth very wide because he kept scratching the head with his teeth over and over again. Again, I kept saying ow. He finally got the hint and stopped. At a point, we decided to 69. We did that for a little while then jacked each other off. After I came, he decided to rub my cum all over my stomach, into my belly button and on my hand. I HATE when guys feel the need to rub cum all over me. So finally he goes to get me a towel and for some reason decided to step right on my pants and BREAK my cell phone. Motherfucker. So he was horrible in bed and broke my phone. I'm pretty fucking pissed right now to say the very least. GRRRRRR!


July 2006

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