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kuhdep in trick_talk

This will be my first post to this forum, so here goes.

I had the most wonderful time yesterday with a trick from Bear411. I had hurt my back and was talking about it online with this person when he offered to give me a massage. Of course I agreed, who wouldn’t? He came over and we stripped down to our underwear. I had some massage oils on hand so he started to oil my back and then rubbed up and down and then from side to side. Let’s just say that it was very erotic and I was rock hard.

He moved from my back to my arms. Making sure to touch and caress each small part of my body. He then moved to my buttocks. This was a truly wonderful experience. He rubbed and caressed each buttock and then started to finger my ass. This had me crawling up the walls. From there he rubbed my legs and feet. He massaged each of my toes and the heels of my feet.

At this point he rolled me onto my back and started working my front side. He oiled and rubbed my chest, flicking each of my nipples and rubbing them between his fingers. He rubbed my stomach and tops of my arms. Them he went south, avoiding my raging cock, he rubbed my thighs and legs. Then came the moment of truth, he grabbed my cock.

His touch was so electric; it sent pulses of joy throughout my body. He stroked my cock and rubbed my balls. Each stroke bringing me closer and closer to completion, yet never reaching it. He grabbed my scrotum and held it to the shaft of my cock so that my balls and cock head were together. He them sucked each of my balls and the head of my cock. Then in a miraculous move he took both balls and my cock into his warm wet mouth. Let’s just say that I was in heaven. From here he deep throated me and continued to rub my balls and stroke my cock. As he had his cock in his mouth he began to finger my ass. He then fingered my ass as he jacked my cock. I exploded with such force that I got cum in my mouth and in my hair. I had cum all over my body. He then continued to stroke and rub me. Rubbing my creamy response into my chest and stomach.

The greatest part of this is that he wants to get together again. I am so ready to be taken to that place again and again.


July 2006

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