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kuhdep in trick_talk

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Hook ups can be range anywhere from great and wonderful to OMG did I actually do that?

It is the latter that I talk about today. I have been talking to this guy online for about a week. He seems really nice and very anxious to hook up. So we finally did. He had been saying that he just wants to get me off and see me shoot my load. This sounds good to me as reciprocation with strangers can sometimes be a chore. I know I am such the slut by saying that. But I digress. So he shows up to my apartment. I see him through the blinds throwing away a cigarette. This immediately puts me on the defensive as I detest cigarettes. I am already thinking I do not want to kiss him. He comes in and kneels on the floor in front of my sofa. I shuck my briefs and wait for him to do something. He just fumbles around with my cock like it is his first time touching one. It was a good thing that I had porn running or I would not have been able to hold an erection.

After a few minutes of fumbling around with my cock and balls he pulls out a vibrator and asks me if I wanted him to use it on my balls or ass. As a versatile I do like my ass worked with on occasion, so I said sure. He put a condom on it and started working my ass. This is would be the first time that I have had a vibrator up there, as I usually just use dildos, and really enjoyed it. This would be the saving grace for me, or I probably would not have cum. He refused to do a blow job, which was ok because of the smoking thing, and just half heartedly jacking me off. I finally had to take matters into my own hands and get the job done.

After I came he just stood up and removed the condom from the vibrator, put it back in his pocket, and left. He didn’t say anything the entire time he was here. It was kind of creepy and an experience that I would choose not to repeat.

The funny part is that I get an email from him today asking if I wanted him to come back over tonight for a repeat performance. Luckily I am not a masochist and will not be going through that again.


Later that night I met my boyfriend and watched television and fed the pets of an out of town friend. I still being horny beckoned him into his bedroom. From there we started what can only be called great sex.

We started by kissing and cuddling, this always gets me hard, and then I started playing with his cock. He has a great uncut cock that I love to play with. I started by working the foreskin between my fingers and rolling it around. I stroked his balls and continued to manipulate his foreskin. I knew that he was enjoying it from the moans he was making. I then moved down to where I could lick and nibble on his ball sack. This seemed to please him a great deal. I moved my efforts to his frenum, I moved my tongue back and forth across this pleasure spot to excite and titillate. His moans increased letting me know that my work was being well received. I worked on his glands and frenum for a good 10 to 15 minutes, alternating between the tongue action and nibbling on his cock where the ball sack meets the cock. He seemed to really like this as well. I would then suck his shaft and work on his cock head. I then returned to kissing him and sucking on his nipples for a few minutes. I returning to his cock and titillating the frenum for several more minutes. We then returned to kissing while I jacked him to a huge orgasm that seemed to move through his entire body.

We relaxed and talked for a while, cleaning up the cum that had shot all over him. He then asked me what I wanted as I was playing with my cock and balls. He asked if I wanted him to nibble on my balls, which I absolutely love, or finger my ass. This would be the first time that I have had the opportunity for him to do this so I opted for the fingering. He lubed up a finger and started finger fucking me good. I stroked my cock and balls while he manipulated my prostate. I then asked him to start using two fingers, which he did. This put me into a whole new level of excitement. I began to buck against his fingers as he hand fucked my ass. I was in heaven. This manipulation sent me over the edge and made me cum in buckets. I shot all the way up my chest and all over my stomach. It was the best orgasm that I have had in ages. He really knows how to work me into a frenzy and I love it. To bad I had to go home after that. I probably could have gone another round.

This is what I would call great sex. We both had fun and enjoyed the experience together. I look forward to more great sex with this great man.


July 2006

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